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post op surgery

Post Op Surgery Instruction

Follow these instructions for fast and uncomplicated healing following Oral Surgery

Bleeding: Continue to bite on gauze for 1 hour. ONLY if there is active bleeding do you need to replace gauze. Use gauze that was provided to you, dampen prior to placing over extraction area and hold for 30 min. If you are still actively bleeding place a damp tea bag over area and hold for 30 min. If this has not stopped your bleeding please call our office or seek medical attention.

Do Not: Rinse or spit for the rest of today. You could dislodge blood clot and cause bone pain known as Dry Socket.

Do Not: Drink from a straw, drink from squeeze bottles, drink carbonated drink, or smoke for 72 hours. This may also dislodge blood clot and cause dry socket.

Do Not: Brush your teeth tonight. You may brush next morning. Stay away from extraction site and do not rinse or spit vigorously for 1 week to avoid dry socket. Starting tomorrow you will also start rinsing with warm salt water after every meal to keep area clean. 8 oz warm water mixed with 1 tsp salt.

Do Not: Play with area with tongue, food, or other objects as this could cause improper healing. Eating: Stay away from hot foods and drinks, this will cause irritation and may dissolve blood clot, for at least 2 days. Advance your diet gradually. No seeds, hard foods, or spicy food for 1 week.

If you were given any RX please take them as instructed by Dr.

Sutures may or may not have been placed we will let you know if you should need an appt to return to remove them. Some types are dissolvable. We will let you know which type you have if any.

Please call our office should you need us or have any further questions.

Happy Healing!

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what people say


  • Fantastic

    The past few visits I have had at ADE have been fantastic. No long wait times for myself or my children.
    The doctors and nurses make sure that everything goes well.
    The desk staff is very helpful and understanding when scheduling appointments.

    -Christopher Chychota
  • Extremely Happy

    I'm extremely happy with the work done by Dr. Keyur and his staff. So welcoming and friendly.
    I couldn't have asked for a better dentist office experience. I would absolutely recommend, American Dental Excellence, to anyone.
    The name truly fits!

    -Joel Luft
  • Caring

    Since coming here a year ago, I'm so pleased w the work I've had done at this dentist office. Any issues I've had w past dentists were corrected here. The staff is so welcoming and caring and you just know you're in good hands from the start.
    I'm highly satisfied! Dr. K is the best :)

    -Katie D
  • Knowledgeable

    This is the dental office of dental offices. This group of individuals is the best in the business.
    They are extremely courteous and knowledgeable in everything with your mouth.
    If Chuck Norris was a dental office, he would be American Dental Excellence in Limerick.

    -Mark Taroski
  • Very Satisfied

    Very satisfied with the professional work that was performed by Dr. Shah and his dental team.
    I was very nervous when coming into the office but everyone was so courteous and helpful.
    I highly recommend Dr. Shah and his staff.

    -Marie A Ruley
  • Experience Positive

    Was referred by a friend six months ago and it was the best decision I made for my family. I HATE going to the dentist but
    everyone at ADE made the experience positive. The staff is friendly, appointment times are honored, and everything is clean.
    I would highly recommend American Dental Excellence.

    -Namiah Rhodes

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