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How and When to Wear

How and When to Wear

  •  Invisalign ONLY works when you are wearing them. We recommend you wear your aligners FULL TIME, day and night. The only time the aligners should be out of your mouth is when you are eating and drinking, brushing and flossing, or cleaning them.
  •  Wear each aligner for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks, or as directed by the dentist. It is very important that you never go to the next aligner in less than the directed time. Even though it may seem that the current aligner is loose and no longer moving your teeth, it may take longer for the roots to catch up with the crown of the tooth.
  •  If you miss some days for any reason, pick up where you left off and wear the aligners for a full 14 day MINIMUM.


Insertion and Removal

  •  Make sure you have the proper aligner. U for upper and L for lower in the proper number sequence. They are labeled on each aligner in small font.
  •  When inserting, gently push the aligners over your front teeth. Then, apply pressure to the tops of the left and right molars until they snap into place. DO NOT bite your aligners into place.
  •  Make sure each aligner is ALL THE WAY DOWN and fully seated. You should not see any space between the edge of the tooth and the edge of the aligner. If the aligner is not fully in place, the teeth will not move properly and the next aligner will be even further off. This can waste many weeks of treatment and even cause starting over with possible extra fees.
  •  To remove the aligners, pull off equally on both sides of the back teeth first, and then gently lift off the front teeth. Always rinse the aligners in cold water and store in the proper container. To prevent damage, avoid unnecessary removal. Do NOT use sharp objects to remove your aligners.


Storing Aligners

  •  Always place the aligners in the cases provided. Never place aligners in napkins or any other case. Never place in a pocket that can be sat on.
  •  NEVER discard any old aligners. Always bring all of your aligners to each Invisalign visit.
  •  If you lose an aligner, call us right away and wear the previous aligner if available. There will be a charge to order you replacement aligners.


Care of Aligners

  •  Clean your aligners prior to each insertion using your toothbrush. Rinse under running water and brush until clean.
  •  A few times a week you can soak your aligners.
  •  Never use denture cleaner or soak in alcohol or bleach, as they will be damaged.
  •  Do not place aligners in boiling or hot water to clean, as they will be damaged.
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  • Fantastic

    The past few visits I have had at ADE have been fantastic. No long wait times for myself or my children.
    The doctors and nurses make sure that everything goes well.
    The desk staff is very helpful and understanding when scheduling appointments.

    -Christopher Chychota
  • Extremely Happy

    I'm extremely happy with the work done by Dr. Keyur and his staff. So welcoming and friendly.
    I couldn't have asked for a better dentist office experience. I would absolutely recommend, American Dental Excellence, to anyone.
    The name truly fits!

    -Joel Luft
  • Caring

    Since coming here a year ago, I'm so pleased w the work I've had done at this dentist office. Any issues I've had w past dentists were corrected here. The staff is so welcoming and caring and you just know you're in good hands from the start.
    I'm highly satisfied! Dr. K is the best :)

    -Katie D
  • Knowledgeable

    This is the dental office of dental offices. This group of individuals is the best in the business.
    They are extremely courteous and knowledgeable in everything with your mouth.
    If Chuck Norris was a dental office, he would be American Dental Excellence in Limerick.

    -Mark Taroski
  • Very Satisfied

    Very satisfied with the professional work that was performed by Dr. Shah and his dental team.
    I was very nervous when coming into the office but everyone was so courteous and helpful.
    I highly recommend Dr. Shah and his staff.

    -Marie A Ruley
  • Experience Positive

    Was referred by a friend six months ago and it was the best decision I made for my family. I HATE going to the dentist but
    everyone at ADE made the experience positive. The staff is friendly, appointment times are honored, and everything is clean.
    I would highly recommend American Dental Excellence.

    -Namiah Rhodes

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